Freedom from nicotine addiction!

These and many other former smokers are happy to share their experience about the Quit for Good method... and what a feeling it is to be rid of their nicotine addiction.

I had a client call me on the phone recently and she just burst out, "I've quit. This course stokes!"

I get a kick out of that, and I get a kick out of receiving letters from others who have quit, and can now look forward to a life free of their smoking addiction and all its horrible hassles.

Take a minute and share some warm fuzzies with me... read some of these excerpts, then, forget any of your previous mistakes, hang-ups, slip-ups... and decide where you want to go and do it now.

Today could be your lucky day too.

Gordon's nicotine addiction testimonial pic This is a very sincere thank you for the magnificent course I bought from you. It worked immediately like a charm and I hardly know myself now. This is me enjoying a party without smoking.
Gordon Farah. Oakland.

Corinne's smoking addiction testimonial pic Dear Megan, Before I started listening to the program I gave myself a 5 out of 10 chance of quitting. I was one of those who said, It's easy to stop smoking, I've done it many times. I had too, I had tried everything, the gum, even 2 other courses and a popular book on stopping. The longest I lasted was 3 wks. I knew what I should do, but it was always easier to just grab a cigarette each time. With the Quit for good, it was very clear, it guides you through it and covers everything. It's a brilliant course. I haven't smoked now for 14 months and don't even think about it, except when I see other people smoking and feel sorry for them. Do you have some brochures I can give away to spread the good word? Thank you SO much. Corinne.
Corinne Luft, Sydney, Australia

Leonard's nicotine addiction testimonial pic

I live in London, UK. I had a friend (who took this photo of me on our way to work) who quit this way who was also like me, who did not want to use drugs or nicotine substitutes. So I did your course and cannot praise it enough. The best thing, seeing you asked, was stopping, and it only took me 4 days, but also I now use the stress and meditation techniques and it has improved my life, and the worst thing is I wish I had done it sooner.
Leonard Tilson. Wimbleton London UK

Mal N nicotine addiction testimonial pic The Quit for Good course hit the nail on the head perfectly for me. I was pretty scared to give quitting another go, but right at the start I soon relaxed and just followed it through easily.
Mal Ngyen. Richmond Vic.

Up until 3 months ago I smoked over a pack a day, for 24 years. Quit for Good proved to be the tool I needed and I stopped in 1 week. The really exiting thing for me is that I thought I'd miss them and I don't. I realised why I'd failed before, because it was not just nicotine, but in my mind.
Alan Warrick. Sydney Australia - Shop-A-Docket

"I loved the course from start to finish, couldn't wait to get to the next day's session. Truly inspiring." Michelle Rose, Noosa

Just finished , and on behalf of my former heavy smoking me, and now my new non-smoking me...! ...can only say one big thanks. I can see why your method works, and nothing else came close, because you've got everything covered in such a sensible, compact way." Gilly

Case Study — Warren's Story
Free publicity we got in New Zealand from a happy client.

"How does it feel?  How does it feel when you kick an addiction?  It feels great."

Curing a Nicotine Addiction of 38 years

This was the heading in the features liftout of the "The Dominion" newspaper in Wellington. The following article was written by Warren Barton, a journalist for that paper. It created great publicity for our course, and best of all, has since encouraged thousands of other smokers to use this method and quit smoking.

The original article is quite long, and goes into the finer details of what happens during the course, but here are some excerpts in Warren's words... Case Study

Some replies to a testimonial form we included with the course.

"Very, very good .... Gave me hope for the first time and I can now look forward to a "smoke free" future."
Eugene A. Age 55. Smoker 30 years, 10-12 per day.

"Excellent. I could not have imagined this could happen to me without a good dose of trauma."
Alice M. Age 51, Smoker 30 years, 15 per day. Registered Nurse.

"Very interesting and it all happened so quickly. The puff, puff, puff, I found very good to stop. I would keep remembering back to puff, puff, puff."
A Perrin. Age 26. Smoker 10 years, 10 per day.

"Provided useful information for me and those that had previously given up and still had some sort of temptation. Gave immediate answers to resist temptation."
Alicia G. Age 19. Smoker 5 years, 12 per day.

"Interesting and very useful in other areas too."
Bruce S. Age 49. Smoker 35 years, 18 per day. Loader/Driver.

"Every concerned obstacle that could ever come up could be dealt with on this course. All the tools to use are in this very thorough course."
Mary F. Entertainer.

"I was very skeptical about claims that I would/could give up without considerable anguish after trying before with other methods. I had a laid back attitude that maybe there was an 80% chance of success. I have been amazed with the relative ease of ceasing smoking."
Graeme McD. Age 56. Smoker 38 years, 28 per day. Public Servant.

"Excellent – cunningly casual, creeps up on you and covers all angles. Like all good ideas, surprises with simplicity and logic."
Keith P. Age 48. Smoker 32 years, 10 per day. Consultant.

"Dynamic! Impressed with the techniques. Made everything appear relevant and provides very positive thinking toward achieving goal."
Heather P. Age 53. Smoker 30 years, 20 per day. Supervisor.

"The programme content is brilliant. Much of it I have had experience with before, but not altogether in a package, and did not, until doing this course, think it could be applied to stopping smoking."
Wendy M. Age 37. Smoker 22 years, 25 per day. Private Investigator.

Additional Analysis of our Program

Wendy V Parr, PhD. Lecturer in Psychology, Victoria University of Wellington.

Extract from her research on this 7 Day Plan, and published in the NZ Medical Journal.

" ... the individual participating [in the Plan] is an active participant in behavior change. This in turn inevitably leads to an individual feeling powerful and in control.

If someone makes a personal commitment to stop smoking, the combination of that motivation, plus this Program, will ensure a positive outcome, not just in terms of smoking cessation, but in terms of overall self-confidence and quality of life... The essence of the program is a vital mixture of emotion, cognition and motivation.

The particular combination of these aspects ... markedly reduces the probability of relapse, something that is borne out by the program's success relative to other smoking cessation methods ..."

When YOU have completed this unique course, please send us your testimonial... and by the way, I know it's not often easy to do, or even comfortable for some people but if you do decide to include a photo of yourself; or your address; or website if you have one, then this shows the authenticity of our testimonials. We only publish genuine feedback, and to date have never received a negative report from any of our program's participants.

Look forward to hearing back from you soon!

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