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Hot Quit News, Issue #004 - The best stop smoking tip in the world
June 02, 2006

Here's your June 2006 Newsletter from The Ultimate Quit Smoking Guide

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In this issue:
Worth knowing: The best stop smoking tip in the world.
What's Hot: Why suffer?
Feedback: Two young again, middle-aged girls.

Worth knowing
A surefire way of quitting immediately
Save yourself from reading anymore information about quitting because research shows this is the most effective quit smoking tip in the world, as well as occupying your hands... ready... this is tongue in cheek... smile.

Simply strap one arm to your body under your shirt.

This solves both your physical and psychological habit in one brilliant move.

Firstly, you'll find it very hard without practice to light up with only one arm and secondly, you can't say, "Yes I know smoking's bad for me, on the other hand..."

Sorry about that! It is one of a few funny comments at the end of "Happy Hands - 21 Things to do With Your Hands Once You've Quit Smoking," which is one of the great free bonuses you get when you order Never Think About Smoking Again.

What's Hot:
Why suffer?
What's the big deal on drugs? Why have pharmaceutical companies gained such prestige? EVERY drug has side effects, from simple caffeine to heart, cancer and diabetes drugs. It's a fact of life, well chemistry really.

Nicotine is no different. Nicotine replacement drugs cause side effects and have to be taken for a long time, and now non-biased proof is showing they have zero success on their own. Any small success is despite NRT, not because of, plus counseling a smoker may get.

Worse are the non-nicotine based drugs. They all have nasty side effects with sometimes serious results. The latest drug trumpeted is called Chantrix, which is meant to block the nicotine from entering relevant parts of the brain, thus eliminating any nicotine reward. Chantrix tablets are taken for 12-24 weeks, and the side effects include: nausea, headache, vomiting, flatulence (farting) Insomnia, (can't sleep), nightmares, dysgeusia (food tastes vile).

Who would be mad enough to want these? Why not get your quit smoking effort over in a few days with far less painful side effects. Don't let the magic of popping a pill lure you into the clutches of expensive big pharma.

Here's the latest email we received, which we put it up on our website. 101 Tips to Stay Quit is now called Never Think About Smoking Again. Although it's perfect for ex-smokers to stay ex-smokers, it's also popular to follow before quitting, as it sets you up with all the know-how to fill up that gap left as soon as you have quit.

"Dear Quit Guide, I thought I would let you know how happy my friend and I are with your 101 tips to stay quit. We keep going back to find more interesting things in it. I've quit smoking a few times over the last 4 years, and each time I would get caught and take up the habit again. This time I quit with your Quit for Good Program, which was brilliant, but I also liked the sound of 101 information, so I got that too and I am so pleased with myself. I just know I will never need to smoke again. Thanks from both of us."
Two young again, middle-aged girls. Helen and Y.

See you with the next Hot Quit News.


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