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Hot Quit Newsletter, Issue #010 - Spiders on Drugs!
October 03, 2006

Here's your October 2006 Newsletter from The Ultimate Quit Smoking Guide

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A quote to think about...

"We all have freedom of choice,
but you will never have freedom of consequences.
Choose wisely"

~ Unknown

Spiders under the influence
What happens when spiders take drugs - even caffeine!
If you wonder why some artists swear they can only be creative after smoking pot, or if you can't walk a straight line back to the office after your second double-strength long black of the morning... spare a thought for the spiders in this research... their homes wouldn't pass a building inspection.

The marijuana one is beautiful, the LSD is surreal, but the caffeine one is like my first attempt at knitting. Wonder what a nicotine one would look like? Go to: Spiders

Fuming Council
Mel Smith is a comedian who is playing Winston Churchill in the Fringe show Allegiance, at the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh, Scotland.

If you've been following his much publicised trail of free advertising, you will know that he was banned from lighting up on stage to smoke a cigar, as Churchill's look-alike.

Now the Edinburgh City Council have spied a photo publicity shot of him leaning out of a room's window, giving the famous Churchill V for Victory sign and ...clearly puffing on a cigar!

A spokesperson for Edinburgh City Council said, "Although his head and upper body were outside of the window, leaning out of a room where smoking is forbidden would not technically get around the ban - which prohibits smoking in enclosed public places. We will have to consider whether we will take any action about it and impose a 50 fine. We will be looking into it."

As one Scottish blogger, Peter wrote. "I thought about writing a post here ridiculing the council, but they're doing a great job on their own!"

Ahh... Fresh Air
Before, during and after you quit smoking, go green to help clear your respiratory system, clear the air and give you a lift.
Why, cos...

  • Plants soak up unhealthy airborne gases and toxic emanations that come from building materials and electronic machines
  • Plants re-oxygenate the environment
  • Plants have proved to be excellent mood lifters, either as decorative features or the actual act of being or working amongst nature's flora
  • In our popular, "Never Think About Smoking Again" e-book, there's a large section on this subject, with specific details to help you. Plants really can make a difference - get yourself a copy of this e-book now, and you'll have 101 cool tips to seriously and groovily improve your life after smoking.

    Meantime, the Zen plant of the moment is Pachira, known as the money tree and good luck plant.

    Grown indoors, it is a fave of Feng Shui followers.

    The five large leaves on each branch represent a hand. Their trunks are often twisted into braid designs made of three to five twisted trunks, and a golden cage design made of eight twisted trunks.

    The idea for the cage design is that the five leaves are getting money and the cage will lock the money.

    Quit Smoking, go green, and attract money all in one go.

    See you with the next Hot Quit Newsletter.


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