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Hot Quit Newsletter, Issue #015 - Won't you use your mind to set yourself free?
December 04, 2006

Here we are with your December 2006 Newsletter from The Ultimate Quit Smoking Guide

If you're thinking about quitting smoking, join the rush and click over to the Quit for Good Stop Smoking program but don't waste a good newsletter, read this first!

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A quote to think about...

"It is our mind, and that alone, that chains us or sets us free"
~ Tibetan sage: Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

Won't you use your mind to set yourself free?
Look at it this way - our thoughts are FREE, why not put them to good use!

Let's imagine you tossed out your last cigarette over a month ago.

You sailed through our Quit for Good Stop Smoking Program like a jet boat on full throttle - no holding you back. Bob's your Uncle you say, I can do anything, go anywhere, see anyone now...

And it's party time at work!

Great, the drink's are on the boss because production targets hit the sweet spot.

Aware in your mind that for the last month you've been a bit choosy about your drinking habits and how you know that with a beer or two under your belt, your rationale about important things in life can strangely alter - but what the heck it's been 4-5 weeks since you quit smoking, so what's wrong with wanting to be part of the old crowd full time now.

Dimmer and dimmer into the background go the precautions, and now you're standing in your favourite spot, drinking your favourite drink, having good conversation with your old favourite mates, and what's missing?

Why of course the rest of this love affair with pleasure - the smooth drag and cool wafting of nicotine.

The others are smoking and smiling - they seem happy. And here's a pack right under your nose, you can see the crisp orange and white cylinders, you can taste the feel on your lips, inwardly gasp at the pleasurable sting of the smoke as it hits the back of your throat and you succumb to the mellow alertness of it's clutches.

One won't hurt, one wont' hurt, c'mon now, c'mon, just reach out and cure this longing.

SUDDENLY your brain kicks in and all the programming you learned on the Quit for Good course comes rushing back. You know exactly what to do as you switch focus.

For a few seconds you almost don't want to... you want immediate gratification, but the power of your mind reminds you of why you quit smoking in the first place.

The power you experience is a wave of triumph. You have conquered those 2-3 minutes of smoking's grab for your heart. You're in control, which is mostly why you quit - you were just tired of having something control you. It can be done, even with sneaky alcohol, you did it!

Reducing Smoking Won't Cut Death Risk
Just released, the results from a major Norwegian study of over 51,000 smokers for 20 years, conclusively found that merely cutting back on the number of cigarettes smoked per day did not lower a smoker's risk of early death.

Kicking the habit entirely, once and for all, is the only real way to avoid early death and progressive disability and disease.

The report published in the British Medical Journal, Tobacco Control, Nov 28, 2006 says "Quitting smoking altogether has been shown countless times to bring rapid health improvements. People are fooling themselves if they think otherwise."

"Programming" babies to be smokers
A separate, smaller study, based on Australian research, found that women who smoke while pregnant may "program" their unborn children to take up smoking as teenagers.

The study of more than 3000 Brisbane mothers and their offspring found that children whose mothers smoked during pregnancy were almost three times as likely to be regular smokers by age 14 as children whose mothers had not smoked.

See you with the next Hot Quit Newsletter.


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