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Hot Quit Newsletter, Issue #019 - Medical Tourism
February 28, 2007

Here we are with your March 2007 Newsletter from The Ultimate Quit Smoking Guide

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A quote to think about...

"For true success ask yourself these four questions:
Why? Why not? Why not me? Why not now?

~ James Allen

Medical tourism
I gather I'm called a medical tourist. I've just had 3 weeks in Patong, Thailand, and had a few teeth fixed in-between eating, swimming, shopping and enjoying this lovely place and people.

Am I pleased? You bet. The standard of medicine and the caring attitude was fantastic, and the cost was less than 1/3 it would have cost me in Australia.

I met people, especially Europeans, and a few from USA, who had many other body parts improved, removed, fixed, maximised, minimised, lifted, smoothed or re-arranged!

If your teeth, like most smokers are ratchit, don't hesitate, quit smoking then get those choppers done... you won't just have a dazzling smile, you'll be laughing.

More laughing
Speaking of improving oneself, here's a story about why it's so important to look after yourself now, not only to see your grandchildren, but in case you are needed to help them.

As Barbara Morris from 'Put Old on Hold' says: Aging is all about what goes on in your head well before you are old. How well you age is the result of how and what you think, and the choices you make now. Read more here and check out her interesting website.

Fudging around the edge
The anti-smoking brigades are chalking up global victories, with another for 2007 in Britain, when the smoking age is raised to 18. This brings it into line with drinking and most other countries.

BUT, they will never win their war. Smoking has been around too long and people have always looked for ways to get altered experiences, whether it be with tobacco, drugs, drink, or even sport, sex, work, creativity and so on. You just can't and shouldn't run people's lives, but obviously the public needs protection sometimes.

Trouble is, it's all fudging around the edge, and we all know it. There is NO WAY smoking will ever be totally banned. There's too much money at stake and too many feathers to ruffle. Personally I believe in live and let live, and if someone is inconsiderate with their smoking or littering, then we should speak up and tell them so.

In the meantime, the anti brigade are in the lead, banning as much as possible, but it's push, pull, give a bit, take a bit, and down the track some years, then it will settle down, smokers and non-smokers in harmony and consideration, as long as government still get their tobacco taxes, drug companies still make fortunes from smokers... and I still happily help people to stop smoking when they want to.

Here's what Dawn P has to say about her success with our Quit for Good Program. She says she's an Account Executive, aged 40ish and has been smoking 25 plus per day for over 20 years.
"What a fascinating approach to giving up. Rational and emotional. Quite an effect it leaves on participants."

See you with the next Hot Quit Newsletter.


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