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Hot Quit Newsletter, Issue #028: True blue smoking Experts
October 02, 2007

Here we are with your October 2007 Newsletter from
The Ultimate Quit Smoking Guide

A quote to think about...

"No matter how far you have gone on the wrong road, turn back."
~ Turkish saying

True Blue Smoking experts
Did you know that the biggest problem facing the 1963 US Surgeon General's committee on smoking wasn't getting 15 experts together to testify about the harmful effects of smoking?

Oh no, it was finding a room in Washington that had adequate ventilation. Every one of the members of that committee smoked. Without a good exhaust fan, they wouldn't have been able to see one another across the table.

With this beginning, you can see why the road has been so bumpy with the efforts to convince people of the staggering harm that tobacco products do.

Sucking on Humbugs, not cigarettes...
That's what thoughtful Ms Terry Compton said as she opened the doors of her new sweet shop in Gaywood, UK. "I hope to help people kick the smoking habit. With people having to stop smoking, what are they going to do instead?"

She believes they should suck on sweets, so her shop, called Humbug, features old-fashioned sweets in jars which will then be measured out for customers, like the old days. She's got a point, and not only that, there are smiles all around because of the friendly service and personal interaction, so missing in today's supermarkets.

In-between sucking your occasional yummy brandy-flavoured humbug, barley sugar, bulls eye or aniseed ball, don't go past all the healthy ideas on our snack page

Read Brad's story
Because of smoking bans, smokeless tobacco is doing a roaring trade around the world. Dozens of new products have hit the market, from chewing tobacco, cheek pouches and sniffing powder.

The health risk is far less than smoking, but a lot more than not using tobacco. Other nuisances are that it is a big psychological turnoff for partners, and possibly a small loss of libido and performance. Sounds like one big dangerous nuisance to avoid.

Here's some rather fascinating information on tobacco here, and then click over to Brad's story for a fun read.

Snails to the rescue
If you don't like the idea of quitting smoking with my powerful and speedy Quit for Good Program, then you may like to do it at a snail's pace.

University of Utah researchers isolated an unusual nerve toxin in an ocean-dwelling snail, and say its ability to latch onto the brainís nicotine receptors may be useful for designing new drugs to treat nicotine addiction and psychiatric disorders.

See you with the next Hot Quit Newsletter.


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