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Hot Quit Newsletter, Issue #029: This goes with that.
December 17, 2007

Newsletter No. 29: This goes with that.

Here we are with your December 2007 Newsletter from
The Ultimate Quit Smoking Guide

A quote to think about...

”The only thing standing in our way is ourselves."
~ An old anonymous saying

This goes with that
Smoking and cancer are as London is to bricks. They go together, where you find one, the other likely hovers.

What can you do, to help yourself break these ties, other that quit smoking of course!

There are some neat little weapons that your body will love. Veggies and fruits are potent cancer preventors. Bursting with phytochemicals, they prevent free radicals from starting cancer, reduce the formation of carcinogens, prevent already formed carcinogens from oxidation, slow the growth of tumours and protect the DNA from free radical damage.

So look after yourself, you are worth it... don't go past these best tips. Start with Turmeric, it has outstanding anti-cancer properties - use it when you sauté food, put it in stews and soups.

Then Garlic, like a vampire it is fearsome to cancer cells. Onions and leeks, like garlic, also have allicin, quercetin and sulphur compounds, which help prevent and fight cancer.

Broccoli from the cabbage family is particularly incredible for protecting you from cancer - eat it up, your Mum does know best.

In fact all green veggies pack a powerful punch, they are full of good things such as beta-carotene, folate and iron. Other coloured foods come in handy, such as tomatoes, especially when cooked. Their lycopene is a potent antioxidant - so good for you.

Grab an apple a day or some berries and Bob's your immune boosting Uncle.

Chocolate or onions anyone?
In our popular e-book Never Think About Smoking Again ...what you haven't got yourself a copy? Rush on over to our website and order, then hurry back here.

Well, in that e-book, we do a fun and informative case study of a recovering ex-smoker and his diet. There's also a lot more on the subject of weight, food, snacks and so on. Did I say snacks? Did I say chocolate snacks? Yes, and all that's covered there too. But briefly dark chocolate, preferrably with at least 70% cocoa, contains flavonoids which are good for you. Yee ha, arriba!

Of course many foods, like onions, have healthy flavonoids, but hmm ...offering, "Would you like some coffee and onions," might lose you some friends.

The smoking republic of Redonda
Bob Beech tried to get around the British smoking ban. He had his pub, Wellington Arms in Fremantle, Southampton, renamed the official British Embassy of Redonda, because embassies are exempt from the smoking ban.

What and where is Redonda? It is actually an extinct volcano on an unpopulated island 34.9 miles off the island of Antigua. The British authorities and the Antiguan Prime Minister, the Honourable Baldwin Spencer, were not amused.

It also begs the question, why should a now smokeless volcano, take up smoking again?

Merry Christmas, and see you with the next Hot Quit Newsletter.


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