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Hot Quit Newsletter, Issue #033: Want to win?
June 03, 2008

Newsletter No. 33:

Here we are with your June 2008 Newsletter from
The Ultimate Quit Smoking Guide

A quote to think about...

"When you win, nothing hurts."
~ Jo Namath

Want to win?
The above quote referred to the effort required for Joe Namath, quarterback in the NY Jets, to help his team win the US Super Bowl in 1969. It was against all odds as the opponents were formidable and the NY Jets were the underdogs.

Want to win at quitting smoking? You can't do it without some effort, and it's got to come from you, not something being done to you. Weaseling out by trying the expensive (in terms of time, money and confidence zapping) quit drugs so rarely works. That does hurt. But the sweet feeling of success as you un-learn smoking naturally and rapidly with our Quit for Good Program takes care of any and all thoughts of possible "pain."

Yoghurt sherbet
This is fabulous and healthy to dip into when you're quitting smoking. Just the thing to ease your throat and have on a break:

  • Take ½ cup of your favourite fruit juice. Some good ones are crushed pineapple, grape juice, or fresh orange juice
  • Mix in thoroughly: ¼ cup honey; 1 cup yoghurt, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, and a pinch of vegetable salt
  • Transfer to freezing tray and freeze until firm
  • Remove into bowl and stir well until free from lumps
  • Now beat 2 egg whites until stiff, then fold into the smooth yoghurt mixture
  • Return to freezing tray and freeze until ready to eat

What you want and don't want
Remember, when you get what you want, you also get what you don't want. It always has been and always will be.

What you want is for the good to outweigh the bad. This simple truth is difficult for many people to grasp, but it's what determines your quality of life.

Let's say you land a top job. Uh oh, now you have to move buildings and there goes your window view, or chummy friend nearby, or best lunch café.

Let's say you crave a smoke, so you smoke and you get to have what you want.

What do you also get? You know, the list is too long to put here. But does that instant gratification last; does your future health, wealth and happiness niggle at you; does that temporary good outweigh the permanent guilty bad? Remember, your choices determine your quality of life— and the law of action and reaction never changes.

Now if you've previously quit smoking, but are having trouble, discover how others, with their real life examples, tossed their habit for good and got on happily with life.

What did they do that worked for them? See Never Think About Smoking Again

See you with the next Hot Quit Newsletter.


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