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Hot Quit News, Issue #005 - Avoid a day in YOUR life like this!
July 03, 2006

Here's your July 2006 Newsletter from The Ultimate Quit Smoking Guide

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In this issue:
Worth Knowing: Avoid a day in YOUR life like this
What's Hot: Cartoon Page
Feedback: A simple pleasure

Worth Knowing:
Look after your health, or this could be a day in YOUR life, whew...

Janice couldn't make her regular fellowship club meetings, so this is an email she sent out to her friends...
(Note from Megan: This was actually sent to a friend of mine and I've changed the name. Now it could be a great reply to a Telemarketer. When they ask "How are you today?" Tell them, "I'm so glad you asked, and off you go...)

"Have been feeling kinda puney lately and had an episode Sunday at church which led us to the emergency room at Fayette Piedmont Community Hospital for 6 and a half hours. Had two EKG's done one with a lead in the wrong place which suggested I was having a heart attack and the second showed the right branch bundle block.
After having 4 Nitro glycerin and no change in the pain cycle the Doc decided to try the gastro route because of my history. He gave me pecid I.V. which caused some relief but not totally until I had a "gastric cocktail" which worked great within 20 minutes the pain was gone across my chest down my left and right arm and also in my upper back.
I went for a cardio appt Mon. A.M. and have a thalium stress test and an echo cardiogram set for the 17th of Apr. then in the P.M. saw the gastro guy and have an appt.the 24th of Apr. for an upper endoscopy to determine where the exact cause is. He also mentioned that I should see a surgeon to discuss the option of a colectomy [removal of my colon] because of all the flairs I've been having of late.
I guess that about covers all, just wanted to let everybody know what's been happening.
My love to everyone." Janice

What's Hot:
Cartoon Page
Have you read our Cartoon & Joke Page? You'll find Nicotine can be good for you (stops worms - eh?) or bad for you, such as...

"Tobacco drieth the brain, dimmeth the sight, vitiateth the smell, hurteth the stomach, destroyeth the concoction, disturbeth the humors and spirits, corrupteth the breath, induceth a trembling of the limbs, exsiccateth the windpipe, lungs, and liver, annoyeth the milt, scorcheth the heart, and causeth the blood to be adjusted."
-Tobias Venner, (1577-1660). Bloomsbury book of quotations

A Simple Pleasure
A recent comment by an ex-smoker was so ordinary yet so profound that I want you to read it.

Mr R had been a non-smoker for a year and said he was enjoying more and more the benefits of his quitting achievement.

"On Monday I got caught in the rain, and when I was a smoker I used to just walk and get soaked, but I easily ran 200 metres to a bus shelter, I wouldn't have even attempted it before," he laughed.

See you with the next Hot Quit News.


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