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Hot Quit Newsletter, Issue #007 - Pirates!
August 01, 2006

Here's your August 2006 Newsletter from The Ultimate Quit Smoking Guide

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A quote to think about...

"What would you attempt to do today if you knew it were impossible to fail?"

Tobacco Smugglers
You want more illegal tobacco trivia after the last newsletter? Put on some eyeliner, like Johnny Depp in 'Pirates of The Caribbean' (don't miss it), and you will get away with anything.

But let's go to the police in Newfoundland, who say smugglers are doing a rip-roaring trade in tobacco, with more than 600 bags of tobacco seized in the first week of June 06 alone.

Sgt. Pete McKay says, "We are concerned that the sale of cheap, illegal tobacco is not a victimless crime. When people are purchasing this they don't realize they're supporting organized crime, they're affecting the revenue base for the government and not to mention the potential user hazard of using an untested and contaminated product."
Some of the tobacco seized recently has had insects in it, and some samples were mouldy, McKay said.

Notice he was more concerned with crime and government tax before any tobacco user!

A different sort of puffing
US star of CRASH, Matt Dillon, reckons jogging made all the difference when he quit smoking 10 years ago. He says, "After running four miles, the last thing you want to do is light up a cigarette. If I hadn't started exercising, I might have picked up the habit again."

He strongly urges people quitting smoking to take up running as a hobby and have a healthy lifestyle, as it helped him turn his back on cigarettes for good.

And the 42-year-old insists all men in their 40s should start taking their health seriously. He adds, "The name of the game is balance, staying in shape, not letting yourself go to the point of no return. As you get older, it gets harder and harder to bounce back. You have this internal meter."

A happy mother writes…

" Megan, I bought your cds on quit smoking and I've been reading your monthly news. I'm not a smoker but my 18-year-old son used to be. A few months ago, he decided that he wanted to give up. He went through a packet of 6 nicotine inhalers, then he had a go with the cds. First he didn't follow the full series but somehow he then got the motivation to really stop and he went on and then he stopped smoking completely. That was a few months ago and in our recent holiday away from Sydney for 7 weeks, he didn't have a single puff.

I'm so proud of him and I hope that he won't pick up smoking again in his life. His skin is a lot healthier and he doesn't need to spit up every day.

I believe that the bans everywhere on smoking really make smokers feel that they're not welcomed in all these popular places. This probably gives them a reason to stop.

I've enjoyed reading your news. Congratulations to all the thoughts and effort in helping smokers regain their health and quality of life.

My son didn't boast about his success in quitting smoking but I really think that this is a huge achievement in his present stage of life.

Best regards."
Margaret Tang

See you with the next Hot Quit Newsletter.


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