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About Paul - quit for good program developer

Hello there—my name is Paul.

My collegues and friends helped me put together the information on this website, so we could offer smokers a better way to quit smoking than what is currently available.

We are NOT an anti-smoking brigade. Our website offers you CHOICES. Choices which I hope will make your decision to quit, or not just yet, easier for you.

So if you're looking for information on smoking, chewing tobacco, and would like a stack of free resources and help on quitting your nicotine addiction—then this is why we built this site.

We know nearly all readers have, or know someone who has, battled a disease caused by smoking, and watched lives and whole generations changed by the havoc and misery it causes.

We know, and you've seen it too, that the prominent people get in the news if they get lung cancer or some other disease caused by their smoking addiction, whilst millions of other everyday smokers become just statistics as they go through unimaginable heroism and grief behind hospital doors.

But we are all affected by smoking, and some give it a short experimental try and that's all, whilst others get hooked. I decided simply to help these smokers quit smoking.

Why did I first develop this extraordinary successful course?

Like you, I was one of the 90% of smokers who smoked but wanted to give up. And like you, I tried using different stop smoking methods, including cold turkey, but still couldn't break my 30-a-day habit.

In my case, the breakthrough came when I was studying advanced behavioural psychology at Otago University. Innovative experimental work in this field showed how new helpful information could be quickly implanted into our subconscious to develop new beneficial patterns of behaviour.

Because smoking is one of the most difficult habits to kick, my PhD supervisor at the university, Professor David Marks, suggested we conduct an experiment using these breakthrough findings. We developed an experimental 7 day Stop Smoking Plan and tested it out with heavy smokers. The results went far beyond our expectations.

The quit rate amongst these smokers was more successful than anything we could find for any other method in the scientific literature.

We were inundated with requests to run courses. Would you believe, since then, many thousands of smokers (more than 40,000) have been through the course and have successfully re-programmed their subconscious addictions and quit.

For myself, even as I wrote the first experimental course, I was able to quit. From a 30-a-day smoker, I quit, and have never smoked again.

That was over 15 years ago, and the program was then called the 7 Day Stop Smoking Program. It's hard to believe how much fun and amazement smokers experience when they realise how their behavior patterns can be changed, how their minds work, and what they simply need to do to make it easy for them to take on board instructions, and yet come out of the experience as if they had achieved it all themselves.

Over a number of years we then gave presentations to staff groups, organized and ran many courses and with our teams, helped thousands of people quit smoking, both in NZ and Australia.

After discussions, the founders of the 7 Day Program, Michael Bates and Paul Sulzberger, along with a few others, collaborated to further develop the original program into a new and easily accessible audio format called Quit for Good Stop Smoking Program.

Our sincere wish was to make this method available to as many smokers as possible. And we can proudly say that the program has subsequently been taken up by over 40,000 people, and growing, around the world. Many thought of themselves as "hopeless" cases, or were heavy smokers, but they successfully broke free of their smoking addiction with this method.

I congratulate you in taking the first step in searching for a solution to your smoking or chewing addiction. Amongst the first class resources available on this website, there's also a ton of free help to quit smoking.

I've done it, I'm proof of this program's success, you can do it too. I would be positively delighted if I can contribute to a new smoke-free life for you or someone you know.

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In sincere friendship,

Paul Sulzberger

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