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Avoid Quit Smoking Weight Gain
— WHAT to Eat

Follow this guide and see it's NOT that hard to avoid quit smoking weight gain.

What to eat - woman eating chocolate

It's also EASY to choose food that makes you look good and feel good.

You can easily stop smoking without gaining weight gain, and stop getting ill and old before your time... when you know how!

There are many real experts on this subject, and it would be better to read some of their work if you want more in depth information. But here are some bare bones...

Here again, follow nature. What is naturally good for our bodies?

Obviously fresh, unprocessed and in-season foods... that's a no-brainer. You want alive food that still has its enzymes in it, ready to help digestion.

Most important, to avoid gaining weight when quitting, ask yourself ageing or anti-ageing?

Every meal from now on, you have the chance to choose. Every bit of food you put in your mouth, stop and make sure that it is healthy.

Ask yourself. Is this food ageing or anti-ageing?

Am I digging an early grave with this food? Will it boost my immune system?

Most importantly, does this food have its vitamins, minerals and enzymes intact?

Now that you've decided to quit, it will be a non-issue for you to avoid quit smoking weight gain if you make a dedicated effort to overall care for your body.

No more sugar foods, deep-fried stuff, artificial additives, coloring, chemicals, wilted, wasted, plastic and cardboard packaged rubbish for wimps.

No more comfort foods, of donuts, cookies, hamburgers and sodas.

There is no reason why your clever brain can't now say no to all the beguiling marketing of colorful, over seasoned, sugared, disease promoting junk.

You have a choice. You're not a helpless little baby are you? Crikey you've bravely decided to quit smoking, and weight gain should not put a cloud over your great decision.

Now's your chance

You're a human being. You're strong and independent. It is in your hands to change your life.

Hurry now, life is a grave emergency — there is no time to lose to capture the rest of it and enjoy your birthright of vitality and a beautiful body.

Five Golden Guidelines to keep up on your radar screen!

Don't you just love these lists of rules! Here we go...

No. 1 food guideline
What to eat to quit smoking without gaining weight.

They say to eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day.

Well don't get hung up on this, but once you experience the health benefits of plenty of fresh salads and vegies, believe me, you will find it hard to have a meal without them.

A serving is about half a cup. It's best to have more vegies than fruits, depending on climate, as fruits contain fructose which can give you insulin spikes if too sweet.

It's certainly ok to have more sweet food, such as fruit and juices, in the first 2-4 days after your final smoke, when your blood sugar is low after nicotine withdrawal.

Fruits and vegetables contain fibre that promotes correct digestion which in turn helps control weight. Lack of enough fibre in junk food diets, plus sugar, and inadequate exercise can trigger obesity.

No. 3 food guideline
What to eat to avoid quit smoking weight gain

High heat destroys the vitamins and enzymes in food. Steaming, sautéing, light stir-frying and gentle grilling are the best, but eat as much food raw as you comfortably can ... aim for at least half to 80% or more of your vegetables and fruits completely raw.

We must have enzymes. You will put on weight and get sick more often and seriously if you constantly eat foods that are cooked.

You can take enzyme supplements to boost your own if your diet up till now has been poor.

Consider these now famous experiments with cats, done over 60 years ago by Dr Francis Pottenger, and confirmed with different variations of this research many times since.

One group he fed only raw food, the other only cooked food.

The raw food cats lived full disease-free lives, with future healthy generations.

Nature played its hand with the other cats who were fed cooked food. They got obese, sick, died early, and not only that, their offspring were weak, and those that had offspring again were weaker still and could not breed as they were completely sterile.

No. 4 food guideline
Avoiding weight gain when quitting smoking

Looking at sugar now. Sugar is most likely the single greatest dietary cause of chronic health problems like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and emotional disorders. Don't mess up your whole chemical and hormonal balance with sweet things. This makes you prone to mood swings, more cravings, possibly bad body image or just plain old grumps.

Dump a load of cake, white bread, chips, pepsi, etc in your system and your pancreas release insulin to tackle this. This big insulin spike, can be measured by what's called the 'Glycemic index' and there are now lists of foods which are rated from good to bad.

So your insulin feverishly tackles this pile of sugary food, as it's so desperate to fix this unnatural situation.

You're on a high, lots of sugar in your system, all trying to be converted to energy or if not possible — fat. Suddenly this is done and down goes your high, oops need more sugar, crave, crave, salivate, can’t get your mind off food. In goes another load, pancreas factory turn out more insulin, all systems go.

And so on, swinging up and down. Eventually your pancreas say, what the heck, there's no point in me trying anymore, I give up.

Now you have high blood sugar, which is called hyperglycemia, precursor to diabetes. You DON'T want diabetes — the excess sugar in your blood damages blood vessels and tissues, leading to heart disease, blindness, kidney problems and limb amputation.

For most people, 2 days to 2 weeks without sugar stuff and your cravings will disappear and, like stopping smoking, you will be free of those chains. If you do decide to cut loose and indulge sometimes, do it in moderation.

You'll be surprised just how overwhelmingly sweet those old foods then seem.

No. 5 final guideline for what to eat to avoid quit smoking weight gain

Oils — another moody clue. There is no doubt that changing your diet improves your moods and mental and physical wellbeing.

Many people go through a mild, short bout or two of depression during their lives, and amongst other things, certain foods help to overcome it.

Of course depression and other mental disorders can be caused by a variety of intricate factors and it is a rather depressing huge health problem in these modern times.

Don't ever think smoking, which fleetingly releases the mildly pleasant endorphin chemicals in your brain will solve your depression problems.

It won't. Long term it will just make you more anxious and depressed, as well as give you other more miserable and dangerous symptoms, so read on about oils.

We need an equal balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 oils in our diet. These are called "fatty acids." In fact they are part of what's called "essential fatty acids"... they are essential to life and good health, and they are not really fats as you know fats either.

Tests show many people are way out of whack, roughly eating a dietary ration of 20-50 times more Omega-6 to 1 times Omega-3.

This imbalance of too much Omega-6 oils mostly comes from the common refined polyunsaturated oils (eg: corn, soy, safflower, canola and blended oils) and other eat out/take-away foods. Are you a victim of this modern food industry?

Quick, here again when you quit smoking, weight gain will be avoided, your health will improve faster, if you give up the deep fried stuff, with its dangerous trans fats, slow down on the Omega-6 oils and increase your Omega-3.

How? Cold water fish, Cod Liver Oil, Salmon Oil capsules, Linseed, Walnuts, (many nuts have good ratios of both oils).

Coconut Oil is another life-saver. That's because of its composition and it's a prime source of a key disease-fighting substance — lauric acid — the same one found in mother's milk that helps protect newborns against a broad range of pathogens. Always buy virgin cold processed oil from fresh coconuts and you'll find this is excellent for cooking or putting on salads.

Sort out your oil intake, and as sure as nature knows best, you will unequivocally feel better. Your skin will improve, your hair will shine, your mood will soar and you'll wonder aloud why all the hundreds of other improvements happening could be from such a simple change to balance your "oils." Olay!

Follow the horses

In a funny way, to avoid quit smoking weight gain should not be an issue in your mind should it? If you eat the right foods in the right quantities, keep active and keep your work and life in balance, then your weight issue resolves itself.

Being the correct weight is a bonus of being healthy really.

Have a think on this: A good racehorse is worth BIG bucks to its owner, and it must be kept in top condition by the best possible combination of exercise, rest, shelter, water and FOOD, such as fresh greens, pure water, and whole grains.

Cartoon horse

Would the owner and trainer in their wildest dreams ever think of giving that horse junk food, such as...

  • Old withered, yellow grass, (think for humans - pale lettuce cut up hours ago sitting under foodshop counter lights)

  • Refined white grains, (think — white bread rolls, pastry, sandwiches)

  • Colored, flavored water, (think — coke, soda-pop, fruit juice, wine)

  • Handful after handful of sugar, preservatives, mould inhibitors, chemical enhancers, (think — many breads, sweets, cakes, cookies, donuts etc).

So, if you want to be worth a lot of money, have crowds cheering for you, run fast, jump hurdles, have shiny hair, and be bushy-tailed and bright-eyed, make sure your diet is good.

And to make doubly sure you avoid quit smoking weight gain, gallop along to check out more weight info here:

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