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These are a random sample of many hundreds of peoples' comments, held on file.

I try and keep the testimonials list current with new fresh success stories. If you have recently quit using our program please write to me tell me your story. Include a pic if you can, although it's not essential and I understand most people would prefer not to, due to privacy reasons.

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Dear Quit Guide, Before I started listening to the tapes I gave myself a 5 out of 10 chance of quitting. I was one of those who said, It's easy to stop smoking, I've done it many times. I had too, I had tried everything, the gum, even 2 other courses and a popular book on stopping. The longest I lasted was 3 wks. I knew what I should do, but it was always easier to just grab a cigarette each time.

With the Quit for good, it was very clear, it guides you through it and covers everything. It's a brilliant course. I haven't smoked now for 14 months and don't even think about it, except when I see other people smoking and feel sorry for them. Do you have some brochures I can give away to spread the good word?

Thank you SO much. Corinne

Corinne Luft
Sydney, Australia

I live in London, UK. I had a friend who quit this way who was also like me, who did not want to use drugs or nicotine substitutes. So I did your course and cannot praise it enough.

The best thing, seeing you asked, was stopping, and it only took me 4 days, but also I now use the stress and meditation techniques and it has improved my life, and the worst thing is I wish I had done it sooner.

Leonard Tilson.
Wimbleton London. UK

Up until 3 months ago I smoked over a pack a day, for 24 years. Quit for Good proved to be the tool I needed and I stopped in 1 week. The really exiting thing for me is that I thought I'd miss them and I don't. I realised why I’d failed before, because it was not just nicotine, but in my mind.

Alan Warrick
Sydney Australia - Shop-A-Docket

"Excellent. If you are intent on kicking the habit, this course makes it a breeze. Applying content correctly makes you feel good enough to stop smoking." Sue H. Age 31. Smoker 15 years, 20 per day. Homemaker/mother.

"Very, very good.... Gave me hope for the first time and I can now look forward to a "smoke free" future." Eugene A. Age 55. Smoker 30 years, 10-12 per day. Company Director.

"Like the fact content is very broad - can tackle the problem from multi directions and end up with what suits you best. Fascinating approach to giving up. Rational and emotional. Quite an effect it leaves on participants". Dawn P. Age 40ish. Smoker over 20 years, 25 plus per day. Account Executive.

The course is a cracker and I would recommend it to anyone who really wants to quit. I've tried other methods and failed every time...I'm still wondering how it worked." Doug O. Age 65. Smoker 52 years, 20 per day. Retired.

"Terrific. The most significant deterrent, changed my whole thinking on smoking". Lesley M. Age 43. Smoker 22 years, 23-24 per day. Advertising.

"Excellent. I could not have imagined this could happen to me without a good dose of trauma." Alice M. Age 51, Smoker 30 years, 15 per day. Registered Nurse.

Thankyou for giving me the power to change something I've wanted to change for a long time". Jim T. Age 28. Smoker 13 years, 8 per day. Administrator.

"The programme content is excellent. Most of it I have had experience with before, but not altogether in a package, and did not, until coming to the course, think it could be applied to stopping smoking." Wendy M. Age 37. Smoker 22 years, 25 per day. Private Investigator.

"Really excellent. Can't believe it worked so well." Grant R. Age 48. Smoker 34 years, 25 per day. Real Estate Salesman.

"Thoroughly enjoyable - didn't think giving up smoking could be such a great feeling. Thanks." Lorraine P. Age 25. Smoker 8 years, 15 per day. Check-out Supervisor.

"Fabulous, would recommend it to anyone. The only thing I've tried that does work." Veronica N. Age 30. Smoker 18 years, 35 per day. Rental Manager.

"The variety of techniques, and that each person is an individual, and can look at different techniques to benefit the individual, is most important". Kathy G. Age 31. Smoker 11 year, 15-20 per day. Media Manager.

"Very interesting and it all happened very quickly. The puff, puff, puff, I found very good to stop. I would keep remembering back to puff, puff, puff". A Perrin. Age 26. Smoker 10 years, 10 per day. Advertising.

"Very good, quite persuasive and not too blunt. Makes you realise rather than telling you to your face". Dean C. Age 19. Smoker 3 years, 8 per day. Despatch Assistant.

Wendy V Parr PhD. Lecturer in Psychology, Victoria University of Wellington..... in keeping with contemporary philosophies relating to health (for example the World Health Organisation's primary health care philosophy) the individual participating ... is an active participant in behaviour change. This in turn inevitably leads to an individual feeling powerful, in control.

If someone makes a personal commitment to stop smoking, the combination of that motivation, plus the Programme, will ensure a positive outcome, not just in terms of smoking cessation but in terms of overall self confidence and quality of life. 

The essence of the programme is a vital mixture of emotion, cognition and motivation. The particular combination of these aspects…markedly reduces the probability of relapse, something that is borne out by the programme's success relative to other smoking cessation methods…..

"Provided useful information for those that had previously given up and still had some sort of temptation. Gave immediate answers to resist temptation." Alicia G. Age 19. Smoker 5 years, 12 per day. Secretary.

"Excellent approach and accepting of everyone's anguish! Very impressed, very focused. Highly recommend". Ben S. Age 26. Smoker 10 years, 20 per day. Account Manager.

"Interesting and useful in other areas too". Bruce S. Age 49. Smoker 35 years, 18 per day. Loader/Driver.

"Easy to relate to. Extensive coverage and it seems to have the desired effect". Mathew D. Age 62. Smoker 40 + years, 40 plus per day. Commercial Officer.

"I was impressed. So helpful and useful, also thought provoking issues to benefit oneself in the long run". Alex O. Age 20. Smoker 2-3 years, 25 per day. Customer Service Officer.

"It made it possible for me to stop. I never had to deal with the fear of failure, which previously had caused me a lot of wasted energy." Christine V. Age 45. Smoker 2 years, 12 per day. Factory Worker.

"I have finally found a successful method of 'giving it away'". Debbie H. Age 32. Smoker 20 years, 30 per day. Acceptance Tester.

"The methods are great to give up without any hang-ups or after affects". Michael S. Age 19. Smoker 4 years, 15 per day. Customer Service.

"Dynamic! Impressed with the techniques. Made everything appear relevant and provides very positive thinking toward achieving goal. Heather P. Age 53. Smoker 30 years, 20 per day. Supervisor.

"Very good, helped me to realise that I really did want to give up". Lindsay J. Age 20. Smoker 8 years, 20 per day. Customer Support.

"Ideal, my thoughts are not now 'needing to smoke', but relaced with 'NOT needing to smoke". Terry G. Age 58. Smoker 45 years, 25 per day. Sales Agent.

"Pretty extensive, convinced me". Diego D. Age 40. Smoker approx 20 years, max 10 per day. Fitter and Turner.

"This course has really helped me to refuse smokes and give up". Boris M. Age 42. Smoker 20 years, 30 plus per day. Machine Setter.

" Was not sure beforehand, and was not quite what I expected, but it worked by the end of the course". John P. Age 52. Smoker 30 years, 25 per day. Labourer.

"Tried for 4 years, and this course worked with its good useful techniques". Fiona. N. Age 34. Smoker 15 years on and off, 25-30 per day. Manager.

"Thanks for helping me to give up smoking forever and change my life for the better". Greg P. Age 31. Smoker 17 years, 10 per day. Customer Service Officer.

"Very good and very informative and also helped me to relax". Garry B. Age 43. Smoker 30 years, 40 per day. Pest Control Officer.

"Every concerned obstacle that could ever come up could be dealt with on this course. All the tools to use are in this very thorough course". Mary F. Age not given. Smoker 23 years, 15 per day. Entertainer.

"What can one say? Such skills, knowledge to change other aspects of life - comfort and control, power and relaxation." Chris F. Age 29. Smoker 20 years, 30 per day. Health Co-ordinator.

"Definitely the right way to put across how to give up smoking". Mark W. Age 39. Smoker 24 years, 25 per day. Telephone Technician.

"Perfect 'self-help' approach. Seems that I now have a 'lifetime' solution." Deborah H. Age 29. Smoker 14 years, 10-15 per day. Sales Consultant.

"Made it easy for me to choose to quit". Mathew M. Age 20. Smoker 4 years, 15 per day. Electrician.

"It was very helpful because I gave up smoking and will never smoke again". Jamie B. Age 18. Smoker 6 years, 25 per day. Apprentice Boilermaker.

"I was very sceptical about claims that I would/could give up without considerable anguish after trying before with other methods. I had a laid back attitude that maybe there was an 80% chance of success. I have been amazed with the relative ease of ceasing smoking". Graeme McD. Age 56. Smoker 38 years, 28 per day. Public Servant.

"Highly recommended, easy and fun to listen to". Fiona P. Age 23. Smoker 5 years, 5 per day. Secretary.

"Unique in its format and easily put into practice". Malcolm McI. Age 47. Smoker 30 plus years, 35 per day. Accountant.

"Very, very, very beneficial and highly recommended!!! Poppy A. Age 24. Smoker 6 years, 20 per day. Admin Officer.

"Excellent - cunningly casual, creeps up on you and covers all angles. Like all good ideas, surprises with simplicity and logic". Keith P. Age 48. Smoker 32 years, 10 per day. Consultant.

Some of the many reviews of the bonus books:


This huge report was great! I rushed through it to begin with, couldn't wait to get to the next tip, then the next one, right to the end. All of them are so useful. There are many exceptionally clever idea and must do’s, so I am deep in thought right now working on all the ways to do these bright ideas. I don’t think I’ve ever read so much in such a short time before, but I was completely hooked.
Michelle Colville

It quite amazed me how you have taken a simple idea and transformed it into what surely must be the world’s most useful list of pearls of wisdom. Some of them really opened my eyes and I have used them immediately and others have got me going in other directions, which has completely taken my mind off any thoughts of bad habits and all the things I was prone to like stress and boredom and anger. Quite amazing, I could never thank you enough.
Cory Parkinson

I am deeply grateful to you. I have achieved something that I never dreamed would happen. As I put in my email to you of my previous problems and why I was always struggling to stop smoking, your encouragement came back, so I did the course and at first it was like I followed it with gritted teeth, then I got excited and settled back after the second day. Basically it’s the way the project is laid out that sorted me out.
Maddy Wilkinson

I’ve just realized it is now over two years since I quit smoking with the help of your program and wanted to say thank you. I purchased your program many years ago, back when it was only available on discs, and after some time attempted it twice. I would get to day three then stop the program. I was scared to quit, of who I was to become without smoking. After more time passed, I changed my strategy and began to focus on just completing the program. I was no longer focused on quitting smoking, just committed to completing the program and seeing what happened. The result? I stopped smoking. Easily. It wasn't without effort, there was effort in listening to the program and following the instructions, but the quitting just seemed to occur naturally. The best part? I do not have any associations with any activity and smoking anymore nor do I get cravings and the "gee I feel like a smoke" feeling. It’s like I never was a smoker even though I used to be a reasonably heavy smoker smoking at least one pack a day on a good day to upwards of 50 cigarettes on a bad day. A friend quit at the same time by going cold turkey but she says she still thinks about smoking, still gets the "I want a cigarette" craving, and has had lapses throughout the past two years. I feel for her but I don’t, and didn’t, experience any of that. So thank you. Thank you for a wonderful tool to help in quitting smoking. It has been one of the most valuable things in my life and words cannot express how much I appreciate it.

Wendy W. Central Coast NSW Australia.
Note: Please feel free to use the above as a testimonial or as you see fit.

First Name: Wendy,
E-mail Address: wendy@mercor.com.au
Country: Australia

"What I find most interesting is that it doesn't seem to be that much of an effort, just a shift in thinking! It's great!"
--Kathy Holmes, CA, US

"It has brought not a temporary change, but a complete lifestyle change as I do not see myself ever going back to the way I used to think about smoking, and in fact a bit of a drinking addiction I had!
--Charles Walleso, Texas, USA

Free publicity we got in New Zealand from a happy client who went on to become Mayor of Wellington.

Curing an Addiction of 38 years
This was the heading in the features liftout of the “The Dominion” newspaper in Wellington. The following article was written by Warren Barton, a journalist for that paper. It created great publicity for our course, and best of all, has snce encouraged thousands of smokers to join and quit.

The article is quite long, and goes into many of the finer details of what happens during the course, so here is one excerpt.. .

"On the last day of the course, it has brought me to the point of making a decision I have never seriously contemplated before. I take a cigarette from my packet many times during the next long day but don't succumb. Instead of wondering how long I can last before I have another, I begin congratulating myself on the time elapsed since I last lit up. How does it feel? How it does when you kick any addiction? It feels great".

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