Pregnancy and smoking

Kids smoking

Actually the consequences of
pregnancy and smoking can
develop before...

... conception

The healthier both parents are when it's baby making time, the better quality both contributions will be and the reduced risk for any possible genetic abnormalities to show.

Thus it's a no-brainer that pregnancy and smoking don't mix right before the start.

Simply put, smoking depletes vitamins, robs the blood of oxygen, introduces toxic chemicals into the body and so on... it's all here to read on this website.

So it's pretty hard to say that a smoker is at optimum health — and that goes for all the reproductive bits and pieces too.

There might be only minute toxins, tiny deficiencies, and barely detectable levels of compromization, but if the cumulative effects of pregnancy and smoking, plus other environmental dangers are counted, that's when the potential for harm can be real.

What about our parents, grandparents and
great-grandparents etc?

Generations seemed to have conceived well enough when smoking while pregnant was popular. But in reality many couples couldn't conceive and didn't know why, and infant mortality was higher, and families were larger, to offset the risks to the young.

Unfortunately smoking has weakened our gene pool, and along with unhealthy eating and pollutants such as excess hormones and pesticides now found in food and water, it has contributed to a scary rise in low sperm count, infertility and reproductive abnormalities.

Luckily we know so much more now, and we, that's all of us and especially those that hold the future generation's welfare in their hands, can reverse this trend and conceive when desired and produce strong, healthy babies that don't have to suffer.

Why risk pregnancy and Smoking?

It's up to the mother now. She has nine months to turn this speck, that's smaller than a grain of rice, into a baby.

A baby will grow even in the most awful conditions - drought, famine, disease and war trauma - conditions most of us in our caring, affluent societies couldn't imagine. But grow it will, probably to abort, be stillborn, die in infancy or grow stunted and die early.

Smoking while pregnant is adding a risk that in our lucky countries we don't need to do. We have it all, why compromise that?

A mother and developing baby are tied...

- What the mother eats and inhales gets filtered into the bloodstream and goes through the placenta wall.

- And if the mother is deficient in nutrients or oxygen, the baby risks that too.

But there are many complicated processes to protect this new life; processes that rob from the mother or convert other substances to make up for lack in one area, and it may be years down the track before the full effects are shown, especially for the mother.

Here's a complete list of the known effects of pregnancy and smoking

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