Weighing up the Pros and Cons of Smoking in your mind

Now is the time to give up smoking

If you're a smoker, are you tossing around the personal pros and cons of smoking or quitting that might affect you?

Do you think it's time to quit?

Got conflicting thoughts?

You may think you need to quit. All smokers need to quit, but do you want to quit?  

You may work in a pro smoking environment, or have smoking friends wanting to keep you addicted, making it harder for you to decide.

So if you're turning over the pros and cons of smoking in your mind, it will help you to know that there are 5 recognized stages of change that most people go through before they take a leap, whether it be to stop an addiction, change career, move house and so on.

These 5 stages are:
  1. Denial or avoidance of challenge or problem, in fact often actively promoting it and trying to convert others to it.
  2. Pre-contemplation. A little voice in the back of their mind and the beginnings of seeking a change.
  3. Investigation, shift in mental awareness, desire to change and efforts and plans made to find solution, a decision made and action taken.

  4. Going through the change.
  5. Maintenance. Depending on method used, either putting problem behind them, or having to maintain control of previous problem, short term or long term, to stop it surfacing again.

Decision Time

If it's decision time for you, read as much free information as you like on this website, then put those bothersome pros and cons of smoking behind you and check your:


Is your desire for what you want strong and sure? Are you clear in your mind that it is your decision, not anybody else's, to stop smoking, and you have decided you want to do this enough so that you will do the necessary actions to complete this to the end?


Understand this - you don't have to be 100% committed yet. That will come as you draw confidence from your initial successes, but you must be at least clear that you want to stop smoking, and are ready and willing to put your best foot forward.

Dr Seuss sums up nice and simply what to do...

You have brains in your head

You have feet in your shoes

You can steer yourself

Any direction you choose

And you're on your own

And you know what you know

And YOU are the guy who'll decide where to go

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