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Recent Articles

  1. Effects of Smoking — Stolen Old Age - smoking shorten's life

    Mar 24, 19 05:36 AM

    Are the effects of smoking stealing your old age? Instead of painfully wheezing around your grandkids, kick a ball with them instead. Here's how...

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  2. Doozy Smoothies and drinks for soothing sore throats

    Mar 24, 19 05:30 AM

    Smoothies are just the thing to soothe your throat when you quit smoking. Cool and refreshing, whirl up one of these now.

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  3. Sniffle-busting Chicken Soup - Chicken Soup Good for Smokers & Quitting Smoking

    Mar 21, 19 03:01 PM

    The perfect healing food for when you quit smoking ... super healing Chicken Soup

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  4. Smokings effects - Consequences of smoking

    Mar 21, 19 02:56 PM

    Do smokers weigh up the indisputably bad risks of smoking's effects? What if smoking was named differently, such as 'Diving into shark infested waters?'

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  5. The Real Story on Smoking Glamour - The Glamour of Smoking

    Mar 21, 19 02:53 PM

    When beautiful stars, sporting heroes and high profile people smoke, it can conjure up a world of smoking glamour.

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