Stopping Quit Smoking Weight Gain

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Many people like to go full steam when they quit smoking. Weight gain, drinking, exercise habits all need to change... they're on a roll... and change they do, all at once.

The feeling is overwhelming, the highs and lows even out and they settle into a new way of life, full of health and vitality.

BUT... if you read this and say to yourself, "Could I do this — not on my nelly," then don't worry. Some people, especially when tackling quit smoking weight gain issues, have to ease into the day, rather than seize the day, and if you're like this, here's what to do:

Firstly, get your thinking into gear. Get that brain of yours concentrating on the opposite of what you're concentrating on normally.

Have you watched people at lunch bars, zeroing in on the food? Their minds are totally concentrating on food and what they will order and they are beginning to salivate at the thought of eating.

If you are used to thinking about food most of the time, then your whole consciousness is focused on it. You see a yummy cake and say, I'd love a piece of that. You think of the food hall below your office level and say, I can't wait to go down there with all that food I love. You even think of when you go home, or go shopping and say, I’ll stop by that donut shop, I love those pink iced donuts. You are having a break and your friend asks if you would like another biscuit, and you say, yes, I'd love one thanks.

Well surprise, we all love those things, you are no different. But we also love ourselves; some of us love ourselves more than we love donuts.

Is your love for donuts, chips or coke like a real true love — that is, reciprocal, beautiful and imbues you with vitality?

Is your love for too much, or bad food stronger than your love for yourself?

Think about it, do you really love that food, or is it a spurious cover up for your bad habit?

To control any quit smoking weight gain, start by spending a few days or so purposely NOT thinking about food, but thinking about what to change.

In your mind, see yourself looking slim and healthy, and constantly keep bringing that picture up. See yourself with a big smile going a little bit hungry, or standing on the scales with the result you aimed for.

Really feel the good feeling as you imagine yourself refusing that second serving, or eating healthy soup you made yourself.

When you quit smoking, weight gain should not interfere with your fantastic new self-image. Love yourself, not mountains of bad food.

Think, visualize, plan the new you, until your actions become what you now have to do in the real world, and your subconscious is prepared and will guide your conscious actions. Make this effort with your weight — and controlling your thinking IS an effort. Even stopping smoking had to start with a thought.

Anything is better than worrying and dreaming or getting depressed even more.

Anything is better than wallowing in self-pity and inertia.

Anything is better than getting fatter and fatter, your complexion getting worse, your energy and health sapped, and your self-esteem getting lower — ANYTHING.

Stopping quit smoking weight gain is not about getting obsessive about what you eat or going into diet shock therapy — go fast, go slow, do what suits you best. If necessary be gentle on yourself, start by tinkering around the edges and when it suits you, beef up the steps.

Like the Romans, divide and conquer. Break up your main goal into small chunks, and gently ease yourself into a little less of this and a little more of that.

For example, e-a-s-e yourself into your new you on Monday morning by cutting out the mid morning soda pop and replacing it with cool water and a date or dried fig or two. When you're used to that, replace the late night chocolate snack with an apple; then stop buying cookies and cakes. Next cut the size of your lunch down, then your other meals. Now add a bit of exercise, drink more water and have at least one salad a day.

But go on, start those small steps. Eliminate any quit smoking weight gain by cutting down and cutting out. You’ll find that your desire for health will manifest itself in hundreds of little changes after a while as your body and mood changes.

You won't need the compliments coming your way because your reward will be your own inner glow! Truly, that feeling is like winning a gold medal, trust me.

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