Smokeless Tobacco

Smokeless Tobacco

Is there anything good to say about Smokeless Tobacco?

Or is it just drone, drone... droning on about just another nicotine addiction hijacking our kids?

Actually it's not just kids, it's young and old, teens and sports players, and it's mighty popular with the working man.

And who's doing the biggest jump for joy?

Why, the big Tobacco companies of course.

They're running around with ants in their pants, pushing smokeless tobacco on to the market, like there's no tomorrow.

They've got fancy-schmancy new flavors, packets, tins, names... this is hot stuff, so hippy hoppy... quick, join the cool crowd and try look rather laid back and nonchalant whoops, watch that brown dribble down your chin...

Definitely less toxic than smoking, you still need to know the guiles, guilts, and gulps (have I really got that doc?) of smokeless tobacco in all its ways.

More information on Smokeless or Chewing Tobacco . . .

Read about:

The ingredients of smokeless tobacco, including usage, names and slang, such as: chewing tobacco, moist smokeless, snus, snuff, dip, spit, and oral tobacco.

What are:

The effects and dangers of smokeless tobacco?

How to quit and the withdrawal effects:

Quitting Smokeless Tobacco

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