Smoking during Pregnancy

smoking while pregnant mother

Expecting a baby is the best
possible motive to quit smoking.

Smoking during pregnancy can be tough to face for new possible parents...

Such as —

  • The unavoidable facts on the health effects of smoking during pregnancy
  • Society's pressures — just at the time when extra pressure and decision making is not needed
  • Lecturing from all and sundry including the medical experts

To an expectant mother, it can sometimes seem like a lack of understanding and especially if she's strongly addicted to nicotine, or if pregnancy is stressful and she's previously used smoking to handle stress, then it can make quitting more difficult.

But the data from populations around the world linking the chilling effects of smoking during pregnancy is real and effects us all.

So we all have a vested interest in giving support to help the future mothers and babies of our world.

Are you planning or expecting a baby?

It goes without question that you want a healthy baby.

If you are smoking while pregnant, and the strong motivation to protect your baby means you want to quit, the good news is that after 3 days of not smoking, the addictive nicotine is out of your system, and the benefits will be piling up already.

And how wonderful when baby arrives, you can cuddle this tiny new life and say "thanks for helping me to turn over a new leaf."

Of course you'll want to stay quit for your baby's health just as much as for your own, and when he/she is grown up you can tell them the wonder of something so strong for your child that you made this change in your life even before they were born!

Possible consequences of smoking during pregnancy?

It's worth knowing what are they are. Let's take a look at what happens here pregnancy and smoking...

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