Snack Food for Snack Attacks

Grab some snack food instead of a smoke, but don't go overboard, BEWARE...

hippopotamus smiling

When I quit smokes,
like most folks,
What did I grab?
Yikes, lollies by the bag!
My teeth went rotten,
and I got a big bottom.
Like a large hippo,
my waist didn't show.
So I looked on the net,
for advice to get.
And I found this site,
now I'm alright!

Reach for some quit smoking snack food, but be sure to make it... Cuddly.

That's right, when your old smoking arm has a mind of its own and is determined to chummy up with your mouth — put the two together, in fact have a cozy threesome!

Make sure that what your arm
                      puts into your mouth
                         makes friends with your body.

Why? Remember those big words on cigarette packs and in shops, warning you that "Smoking causes cancer?" There's no mystery, it's simply that smoking produces a lot of cancer causing toxic chemicals.

And it's not a mystery that chemicals are also in our environment.

Over a million global studies now prove that chemicals pollute our air, food and water so much with toxins, that this is also major factor in the increase of most forms of cancer.

Hmm... serious. What can you do?

Short version — once you've stopped subjecting your body with smoking toxins, it makes darn good sense to avoid ingesting more in the food you eat.

Choose healthy snack food — beware of strangers

Avoid artificial preservatives, colorings, flavorings, sweeteners etc. You don't need these strangers in your diet. Read labels, poke your nose into a good health store, and buy organic, natural and raw as much as possible.

More stranger danger is caused by bad storage creating molds, slime and little storage pests.

To sum up:

  • Buy fresh, unrefined or organic — meaning grown, prepared and stored without toxic chemicals

  • Store well. Keep prepared food airtight, as oxygen destroys food, light robs foods of vitamins and minerals by breaking them down, and heat zaps goodness.

Enough words, lets grab!

Attack these snack foods quickly. They will satisfy you and stop any smoking thoughts that threaten to interfere with your day.

Have your days rations rustled up and grabable. Have your shopping lists written, ingredients handy and preparations done, well before a snack attack strikes.

It will take you two shakes of a hippo's tail to prepare these snack food ideas... with a far better payoff in terms of time, $$$ and health, than junk food.

Snazzy Snacks: First up, we have healthy snack food treats for you.

Doozy Smoothies:  Shakes alive! Top of the list of ex-smokers' faves. Fill up that gap, soothe your throat, with the best cool drinks in town.

Sniffle-busting Chicken Soup:  Lickin' good, chicken soup, tonic, stew, howsomewhatever you call it. Read why this is superb for helping you recover from smoking's yukky legacy, then follow the instructions.

Quit for Good Stop Smoking Progam will have you smoke-free fast. THEN follow up your new stop-smoking success with even more support tips in the free bonus e-book: "101 Tips to STAY Quit", which includes snack food ideas to add an extra zing to life. You won't want to miss...

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