Sniffle-busting Chicken Soup

Chicken for chicken soup
Chicken soup pot

Why does Chicken Soup get a big tick for smoking cessation?

When you quit smoking, your breathing apparatus goes through a healing stage, and all sorts of mucus, tickles and cold or feverish symptoms may surface for the first few weeks.

  • Glutathione (GSH), is a sequence of amino acids (glutamine, cysteine, glycine). It is a naturally occurring peptide and powerful antioxidant that reduces toxic substances before they can damage other molecules or important cell parts. GSH is transformed from N-Acetylcysteine found in Chicken Soup.

  • Anti-inflammatory inhibitors, which guard the white blood cells and stop them gathering in the bronchial tubes causing inflammation.

  • The flavorings for the soup add potent respiratory therapeutic benefits, such as garlic, pepper, herbs and spices. Valuable minerals from the vegetables help strengthen the immune system.

  • Calcium and gelatine in the stock made from the bones are rich nutrients that ease digestion and help absorption of beneficial ingredients.

If you ask a Grandmother, especially from Europe, they will most likely dig out their old family Chicken soup recipe. Here's an easy, but very potent and finger lickin' one in the meantime...

Chicken soup has been hailed as one of the most loved and useful remedies for colds, asthma and other chest and throaty ailments since the 12th century in Europe.

Just look at this proof... chicken soup thins mucus, helps breathing, eases coughs and tightness in bronchial tubes, and strengthens your immune system.

The famous "Chicken Soup for the Soul," series of books, are like their namesake. They just plain make you feel good.

Apart from the beneficial steam to relieve congestion, it wasn't known exactly why chicken soup helped so much until recently. Modern testing laboratories are making important discoveries.

Apparently during cooking, chicken releases a number of natural substances, which are similar and better to modern drugs, such as acetylcysteine, that are used in coughs and cold medicines, such as...

Sniffle-busting Chicken Soup

1 large organic chicken
1 white turnip, peeled and diced
2 large onions sliced
2 parsnips sliced
4 carrots sliced
4 celery stalks and some leaves cut up
4 stalks of parsley
4 sprigs of dill
1 large sweet potato
Salt and pepper
1/3 cup vinegar
Garlic, mixed herbs, chilies, sliced ginger root, turmeric and paprika - Most or all of these should be liberally tossed in.

Cooking instructions
Put chicken in large pot and cover with cold water and vinegar. Simmer for 1-2 hours. (Old boilers need 2 hours and younger birds are softened in 1-1½ hours.) Add the other vegetables and cook for 45 minutes. Note: Sautéing spices and onions first helps to release their flavorsome essential oils.

Remove chicken, and add parsley, dill and celery and cook a further 30 minutes.

Meanwhile de-bone chicken and break into chunks.

Put all or most of the cooked vegetables in food processor, blender or use potato masher, until mashed together.

Put vegetables and chicken meat back in pot, add salt and pepper to taste and mix together and heat if using immediately. Otherwise store in fridge or in containers in freezer for use later.


  • When serving, add any or all of these on top for extras: Chopped raw garlic, parsley, spring onions and other herbs
  • Adding 1/2 medium red cabbage shredded is a favorite
  • Add a tin of coconut milk or cream, along with 3-4 tablespoons of mild Indian curry, for a delicious change
  • If some of the vegetables aren't in season, don't worry. Substitute or change quantities. Some people add 3 times as many carrots for a sweeter flavor.

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