Teenage Smoking

Teens listening to anti-smoking talk

All teens have the power to say no to teenage smoking.

Saying no reinforces how important you are. Yo! That's the coolest feeling around.

It shows you have the power to see through the falseness of peer pressure and advertising.

As a teen you want to be grown-up, so go on, make a grown-up choice!

At least 90% of adults who smoke wished they didn't, but they didn't say no to teenage smoking, so they lost that easy choice and now... it's much harder to say no to smoking.

Smoking has lost its glamour image. The film and sports stars who originally promoted it have died early and ugly deaths.

If you admire someone now who smokes, maybe a star, or someone amongst your friends or family... admire them for their attributes, not their habits.

Who's going to admire them when they're dying — not you and not the doctors — instead they'll get pity and even scorn now because it's their own fault.

Teenage boys listening to anti-smoking talk

And whatever you do to try and be cool, guess what? Nobody else you're trying to impress cares! They're all doing their darndest to act cool and impress too.

Our natural subconscious tendency is to want to be admired and experience pleasure, so the dazzling array of colorful cigarettes, new flavors, suggestive brand names and marketing puffery is a powerful force to encourage teenage smoking.

But click your conscious brain into gear and remind yourself that there are much better ways to get your kicks.

It's a brilliant time to be alive

There are always doomsayers. In the 1970's it was predicted the world would soon be overcrowded. Ha, and now many western countries are in negative growth.

Our forebears went through primitive horrors, the dangerous grind of the Industrial Revolution, religious wars, major world wars and the cold war with its threat of nuclear annihilation. Terrorists have always been around, species disappear and new ones emerge... there is nothing new under the sun.

Make no mistake, you and I are living in the greatest period of opportunity for all. There is ample reason to get fired up with motivation and hope for your future. There is nothing so satisfying in delaying a bit of temporary gratification and pursuing something challenging... all with your health intact.  

Teenage smoking means losing your health, and when bad health slows you down, everything else takes second place. Don't risk it.

Pursue what?

Suppose nobody else was around, what would you really want to do or be?

Start off small if necessary. Once you are proficient in an interest, sport or skill, move up and up, patiently and persistently, and most importantly ignore any critics.

As you buzz with your increasing confidence and skill, those pleasurable little brain chemicals called endorphins will flow naturally and steadily, instead of chemically and briefly from nicotine.

Take a Saturday class on sailing, acting, chess, poster drawing, hairdressing, tap-dancing, fixing up something. The books and internet at the library are
free — delve in.

Teen girls listening to anti-smoking talk

With our popular Stop Smoking Course you can also check out the free bonus e-book, "Never Think About Smoking Again," which is filled with 101 tips of things to do to stay smoke-free. There is life changing advice in there... you'll be too busy and intrigued to smoke.

Pushing the boundaries

You've made it safely to your teens. Possibly you left a few bits of knee on some footpaths and had some emotional roller-coasters, but basically you've got your marbles and the exciting grown-up world beckons.

Believe it or not, parents are like you, they like to be popular, they like to be admired and they're still curious to discover new things. The difference is that they have re-arranged their priorities and many things are not as important as they used to be.

Plus they now know a lot more about what is harmful and what's not. And best of all they love you, whether they put it that way or not... yes siree, they would do anything to keep you happy, healthy and out of harm's way.

So when parents and other adults lay down the law, or patiently explain to you the dangers of teenage smoking, drugs, alcohol, unsafe sex, junk food and other potentially hazardous activities, they have the facts and they know the consequences.

What price teenage smoking?

You really want to know? An early death probably and maybe gangrene and amputation before that. Or try... well, have a read of this page The Effects of Smoking

There is a great saying and it goes something like this:

    Stupid people never learn; most people learn from their own mistakes; but clever people learn from the mistakes of others.

Hope you're a clever person, because when it comes to tobacco, here's a few startling facts that other people had to suffer through, so YOU don't have to.

  • Smoking causes diseases. That is not an opinion; it is a fact that is beyond debate. Nothing in medical science has been more exhaustively proven.

  • These diseases cost a lot of money to treat, enormous medical bills in fact. Well before that an average smoker could have bought themselves several houses with the money they have burnt. In fact, smoking is shown to be more prevalent among lower income groups, with most smokers earning nearly 8% less than non-smokers.

  • 50% of all smokers will die early from their habit. Starting as teenage smokers, by aged 35 the first symptoms usually appear, sometimes quickly and kill a few. By 50-65 years, many more have died, and most are suffering or incapacitated with difficulties in breathing, circulation, eyesight, and on and on. Ten years before a normal 80 year life span in developed countries, those 50% of smokers have all died and the rest of the smokers are almost always in various stages of pain and treatment.

  • Think how a smoker feels as they are dying 25 years before their time. Apart from the medical side, apparently the guilt torments them. They think back to that foolish teenage smoking decision. Now some of them will not see their own teens grow up, or their grandchildren.

  • But wait! What about so-and-so who lived to be 100 or such-and-such, and smoked like a chimney? Ah, lucky old devil — but please don't push your luck. A lucky few defy statistics just like lying on train tracks... and the train drivers go on strike. The truth is that a heap of other factors come into play with smoking, such as: genetics, diet, disposition, lifestyle, location and how and what they smoked.

  • A few more tidbits: Teenage smoking has shown that living is affected generally, such as:

          - Getting sick with colds, flu and respiratory ills 5 times more often.

          - It is harder to get hired for the job you want, and then you pay double for life insurance.

         - Smokers are restricted where they can smoke, and these places aren't always comfortable!

         - Teenage smoking hampers working memory — that's the ability to retain and manipulate information accurately. In short nicotine can lower your grades.

Getting caught in the teenage smoking trap means you've put tobacco before yourself. Our great world wants to get to know you... there are some special people you'll enjoy meeting... don't stuff up your future by smoking. Tell tobacco and those other smokers to go on a verrrrry long hike.

Think smoking's glamorous? See for yourself

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