Useful Links and resouces to help recover from smoking addiction

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Now you've dug yourself out of your smoking addiction...

Take a big breath of fresh air and look at how you can add more to your life with these helpful resources for ex-smokers:

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What a great time to keep moving ahead in your life, and what a great website this is to guide you. Feel that satisfying glow of achievement as you turn your dreams into reality with their practical goal setting plan.

Get Great Legs
Your legs may have suffered from the effects of smoking, such as varicose or spider veins, dry scaly skin, lack of muscle tone and other signs that make you want to hide your legs.

Get all the help you need to feel proud of you legs at this stylish website.

Retirement Investigator
Once you've quit smoking, things certainly start looking up...more money, more time to do what you want to do, more choices, better health, and no more guilt. If you're looking to retire, make sure you make the right decisions with your new found freedom.

Put Old on Hold
You can control the aging process many ways. Putting Old on Hold is easy, and like quitting smoking — the payoff will be phenomenal.

Wellness Decisions
A breath of fresh air! This site has readable straight-forward advice without preaching. Try the fun 'Orange' on the page — Just how well are You?

Stress Focus
A reliable resource to ease stress. A wealth of useful articles and help.


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