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A warm welcome to you. The information on this site has all you need to stop smoking for good.

If you're looking for a change, or even if you can start to imagine your life without smoking, you're on your way.

I know it's scary. I did it! All of us who used to be smokers... we want YOU to stop but more than that we know there's a bundle of confusions and contradictions whirling through your mind.

We know because we've been there.

What you don't need is more guilt, more false patronising promises, more failure, or to swap one addiction for another.

Relax and read. That's all you have to do right now... let the words and the information settle in. Give them space in your mind and then when you're ready, act. We'll be there.

My aim is to make quit smoking a breeze for you. Many thousands have done my clever program, It will save you time and money... with none of the usual drugs or waffle.

Be sure to check out the pages that interest you. And the best part? You've got everything you need in one package here so you'll be well prepared for your big life-changing day!

Warmly, Paul

(You can read my story of how I went from a heavy smoker to a non-smoker — and never smoked again here)

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Quit smoking and weight

Weight Management. Eating, food and fitness are probably right up there in your mind.   

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Stop Smoking benefits

Benefits of Quitting.  An overview of your expected long, happy and healthy life ahead!


nicotine withdrawals

Nicotine Withdrawal. What side effects can you expect when quitting smoking?

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Effects of pregnancy and smoking
How to help a friend stop smoking

Help someone quit. 16 of the best strategies you can use.


Smoking and kids, teens, parents

Smoking and pregnancy. What are the effects, what should you do?. 

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Kids, teens & Parents. What you can do as a parent.   

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Quit smoking stories

Articles. Real and raw stories.   


How to Quit Smoking for Good.

Help is on its way here...

Here's our Quit Smoking Program when you're ready; ready to stop smoking. Now. FOR GOOD.